End to end Quality of Experience

Cellex Virtual Subscriber enables Operators and Service Providers to explore all aspects of their customers' experience. By using services constantly, the Virtual Subscriber presents operators with direct and immediate information about end-to-end services' availability and quality. Moreover, the Virtual Subscriber identifies service problems before these affect actual subscribers therefore increases customer satisfaction.

A special note should be given to Video services and Smartphone apps which require extensive DATA bandwidth. These are the pinnacle of the industry with both mobile operators upgrading to LTE networks, and fixed line operators increasing the available bandwidth by upgrading to NGN networks and moving fiber closer and closer to the customer.

Quality of Experience solutions for QoE Analytics, Pre-launch Test Automation and Proactive Maintenance.

Cellex allows us to launch new services frequently, without compromising on quality or time to market.

What creates the subscriber's Ringtone purchase experience?
There are many ways to download a ringtone to the handset. Advanced users use WAP.Learn more

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