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Virtual subscriber Insight
A window into your subscriber's experience

Cellex Virtual Subscriber provides Network Operators with a window into their subscriber's experience. The Virtual Subscriber uses services constantly, presenting operators with direct and immediate information about services availability and quality.

Virtual Subscriber Benefits:

  • Provides real time detection and analysis of service incidents
  • Dashboard provides an at-a-glance view of current status and activities in the system.
  • Modular, designed-for-monitoring architecture ensures solution relevance through network and architecture upgrades

Service examples: Video, Smartphone Apps, VoLTE, IVR, Browsing.

How it works
Service scenarios are created using Cellex Service Modeler. Using the Cellex Virtual Subscriber Manager, the scenarios are scheduled to run at specified times on specified Virtual Subscribers. During their run, information and measurements are collected and recorded. In case of service availability or quality problem, an alarm is sent to a network management system or any other predefined destination. The collected information is then used for performance and availability reports.

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